BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Tri-Cities Opera announced that it is increasing the accessibility of its performances and just in time for the return of The Marriage of Figaro.

The Tri-Cities Opera gave a presentation at the Binghamton Noon Rotary’s weekly meeting.

John Rozzoni is the General Director of the Opera and announced that for its 74th season, all youth under the age of 18 can get free tickets to any show if they are accompanied by an adult.

Plus, any students with their ID can get $10 rush tickets at the door.

Rozzoni says that the opera is often thought of as elitist or overly formal and hopes that the new ticket programs attract people of all backgrounds to the theatre.

General Director of the Tri-Cities Opera John Rozzoni says, “I think there’s this human experience that we have when we’re together. When we let these sounds wash over us, when we have that energy interplay between the audience and the performers. I mean, it is just part of the magic of live theatre, and we really discovered, during the pandemic, that without that interplay, the art form loses something, and so, it’s time to get back out.”

This is the first time in thirteen years that a production of The Marriage of Figaro has been at the Forum Theatre.

Today at the Binghamton Noon Rotary, Kyrie Laybourn, who plays the countess, performed an aria from the show.

The performance will be held Sunday, April 23rd, and tickets can be found here.