ENDICOTT, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – After an outpouring of outrage over a local historical collection, community members are fighting to keep an iconic exhibit here in Broome County.

There are rumors that the IBM Collection on display at the Endicott History and Heritage Center will be leaving Endicott to rejoin the company elsewhere. The collection showcases priceless instruments, products and documentation of IBM’s origins, and longstanding history in Endicott.

After community outrage, the president of the Old Village of Union Historical Society, Ted Warner released a statement describing what might come next. He says that the historical society was able to maintain the collection for nine years; however, over the last two years, the historical society has been losing money every month.

Warner says the board of directors met almost weekly to find a financial solution, but when it came down to a vote, the board voted in favor of returning the collection to IBM.

Since the community’s outcry, he says several people have offered to try and keep the collection in Endicott and says that various ideas will be discussed at the next board meeting.