TOWN OF CHENANGO, NY – The New York State Office of Cannabis Management is cracking down on so-called “sticker shops” for illegally selling marijuana.

OCM announced Thursday that it has sent cease and desist letters to dozens of retail outlets across the state that gift marijuana to customers who have purchased another item such as a sticker.

OCM says Mile High Accessories in the Northgate Plaza on Upper Front Street is one of the recipients.

In the letter, the state agency says that such gifting is illegal and that unlicensed sales undermine the future legal market by distributing products that are not lab-tested and could pose a public health risk.

OCM says the operators of the stores could face substantial fines and criminal penalties and also jeopardize their ability to participate in the coming legal sales market.

A local elected official tells NewsChannel 34 that local police departments have been told by OCM not to raid such facilities nor make any arrests, but to instead refer such sticker shops to the state for investigation.

According to an employee, the owner of Mile High Accessories, which also has an outlet in Waverly, says that there are no illicit sales of marijuana taking place in the store and would not comment further.

Shops in Bainbridge, Barton, and 3 others in Waverly are also receiving the letters.