BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Local and state leaders held a news conference to announce the start of a friendly competition to raise funds and donations for families this holiday season.

Representatives from the state, the county, City of Binghamton, and downtown partners are challenging each other to see who can raise the most donations to battle food insecurity.

Starting on Monday, CHOW collection barrels will be available in the offices of each participating group where you can drop off non-perishable foods. Whichever group raises the most donations, will receive CHOW’s iconic “Golden Yam Can.”

Last year, the participants donated over 15,000 meals to local families, and with the additional of the Binghamton University Downtown learning Center this year, that number is expected to rise.

“It’s not a competition, it’s really a lot of people coming together for one really good cause. To make sure that people have something to eat. And I think it’s really important. Partnering with CHOW, it’s been a wonderful, newer thing that we’ve been able to do over the past four years to get food where it needs to be,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar.

The barrels will be setup through Friday of next week.

Barrels are set up at the following locations:
Team State:
Binghamton State Office Building – 44 Hawley Street in Binghamton
Team County:
Broome County Office Building – 60 Hawley Street in Binghamton
Broome County Sheriff’s Office – 155 Lt Vanwinkle Drive in Binghamton
Team City:
Binghamton City Hall – 38 Hawley Street in Binghamton
Team University:
Koffman Southern Tier Incubator – 120 Hawley Street in Binghamton
University Downtown Center (CCPA) – 67 Washington Street in Binghamton

Donations can also be made online at