TOWN OF HANCOCK, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Town of Hancock cut the ribbon today at the Southern Tier’s largest electric vehicle charging station.

The development was spearheaded by Evolve New York, to bring the state closer to reaching its goal of zero emissions from vehicles by 2035.

The State’s Lieutenant Governor, Antonio Delgado, was in Hancock this afternoon for the ribbon cutting.

The station is directly next to Hancock’s Town Hall. There are sixteen charging ports in total, half are specific to Tesla, and Delgado says the others can charge any electric vehicle on the market.

The Lieutenant Governor says that with this new facility, there are now 118 charging ports across 31 different sites in the state.

New York State Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado says, “this is about innovation, it’s about innovation, it’s about showing what we can do when we work together and create solutions, and do so with a forward-thinking mindset.”

The CEO of New York Power, Justin Driscoll, says that this charging facility can charge any EV in only 20 minutes.

He says the reasoning for it being located in Hancock, is to combat what is called range anxiety.

He says that for long road trips, those driving electric should not have to worry whether they are going to be able to find a charging station on their way to their destination.

CEO of NY Power Authority Justin Driscoll says, “We don’t want people worried about driving from Long Island to the Adirondacks and having to worry about being able to charge their vehicles, so, we’re hoping to solve for that with these strategically located Evolve charging sites.”

Driscoll says that this is the biggest charging site in the state besides JFK Airport.

It also happens to be located directly next door to a dog park, so you can walk your pup as you wait for the EV to charge.

In total, each charging port costs approximately $200,000.

Following the ribbon cutting, there was a demonstration to show how to charge your vehicle.

Similar to pumping gas, you can pay by using a card, or by downloading the Evolve app, in which you can see the status of your charge right on your phone.