BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Republicans living in Greater Binghamton’s urban core were asked to pick their candidate to face 9 term Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo in the fall.

City Councilwoman Sophia Resciniti won the race easily over former Deputy Regional Director at Empire State Development Robin Alpaugh.

The unofficial final vote count was Resciniti: 2,703, Alpaugh: 1,756.

NewsChannel 34’s Roy Santa Croce had an exclusive interview with Resciniti at South City Publick House in Binghamton where she watched the returns with family and supporters.

Santa Croce: “How are you feeling right now?”

Resciniti: “I feel really good right now; I’m surrounded by friends and family and supporters and folks that I’ve talked to over the months, over and over again, and we’re looking okay right now in the polls, so I’m feeling very grateful.”

Santa Croce: “And looking ahead, do you have anyone to thank for how far you’ve come?”

Resciniti: “Oh my gosh, really, my family, my husband, who’s put up with so much, my children, but really, every single person that answered that door; every single person that invited me into their living rooms; every single person that looked at me and said, we need change, and every single person that has put their faith into me. I’m forever grateful for them, thank you to all of them.”

Santa Croce: “This may be a bold question, but what’s the next step?”

Resciniti: “Rest tomorrow, one day of rest, and we’ll go from there.”

Santa Croce: “But before you rest, you plan on celebrating tonight and enjoying?”

Resciniti: “Absolutely, yes we are.”

Santa Croce: “Anything to say to your potential future constituents in the 123rd district?”

Resciniti: “Yes, it’s time for a change, I’ve heard you loud and clear, and I’m ready to go, let’s go to Albany.”

Santa Croce: “My last question, Sophia thank you so much, why do you think you’re the best match for facing up against Donna Lupardo?”

Resciniti: “So, I’m a mother of four kids who are leaving New York State, I’ve said that before and I’m going to fight like a mother. We have a small business, we have experience firsthand, the challenges of small businesses and so I will fight for them. As a social worker, I have seen the disastrous results of bail reform and I will fight for that, and so I bring a lens that I think others don’t necessarily have, and I’m ready to go.”

Resciniti will face Donna Lupardo in November. Lupardo has been a member of the Assembly since 2005.