DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – After multiple cases of drugs being found inside the Broome County Jail, Sheriff Fred Akshar is establishing a new investigative unit.

Akshar held a news conference this afternoon and announced that a sweep of multiple housing pods this week resulted in the discovery of various contraband such as crack cocaine, synthetic marijuana, and suboxone.

Three inmates were charged as a result, Dreyshawn McDonald of Binghamton, and Ryan Carney and Paul Reed, both of Endicott.

As a result of several recent drug smuggling incidents, Akshar has created a full-time Corrections Investigation Unit to conduct regular searches in the facility.

Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar says, “Dedicating a full-time staff to address this issue, we think, we can curb some of what we have seen in the first eight weeks of our administration. At the end of the day, my responsibility is to ensure that this is a safe and secure facility.”

He says that the new unit will include a supervisor and 2 full-time investigators, one of which will be a trained K9 handler.

Akshar says that to fill the positions, he will reallocate resources and personnel within the agency.

He expects the unit to be filled within 60 days, perhaps longer, because a new K9 officer will need to be trained.