ENDWELL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The public responded to the recent establishment of the Satan Club at Homer Brink Elementary with a rally outside of the school yesterday.

The After School Satan Club was organized at the invitation of a Homer Brink parent in response to the Christian-affiliated Good News Club.

The rally was organized by New York Senate Candidate Caleb Slater on the date the club was scheduled to start operating.

Slater and other protestors stood outside the school holding signs denouncing Satan and the club.

There were people praying with rosaries, and the protestors sang songs of worship.

Slater says that the Satan Club is a prime example of why the number of students being home schooled has continued to rise.

New York State Senate Candidate Caleb Slater says, “Nobody puts their kids on an elementary school bus in the morning to find out that they were trying to get indoctrinated and trying to get recruited by the satanic club by the afternoon. We stand for education, not indoctrination.”

The club was supposed to meet yesterday evening as the protest was underway, however, the club’s organizer tells NewsChannel 34 that the space within the school was needed for a school sponsored activity.

The club says it is hopeful to hold meetings in April and May.