BINGHAMTON, NY – Raquel Nayor was Aliza’s kindergarten teacher at Calvin Coolidge. She still cherishes a note that Aliza wrote to her after she had moved on to first grade.

Nayor says having that note now brings her peace and comfort. She says Aliza was like an old soul, well-liked by everyone. In fact, most teachers wanted her in their class.

And she loved to dance. Nayor says she knew all the words to the Peanut Butter in a Jar song as she hopped up and down. Upon entering East Middle as a 6th grader this school year, she was still known as a kind and caring girl. Julie Van Atta was her reading teacher.

Besides reading and drawing, Aliza loved gardening, painting and playing the violin. Van Atta says she was a conscientious student who always wanted to help her fellow classmates.

Both Nayor and Van Atta say she had a bright future ahead of her.