GREENE, NY – A local company and global industry leader celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

The Raymond Corporation invented and patented the first-ever fork lift as well as the pallet right here in our local community. Ultimately fueling the beginning of the material handling industry.

The idea to use hydraulics as a jack, stemmed from founder, George Raymond and a visit to the barber shop. He was inspired by the way that the barber’s chair could be lifted and adjusted with ease. So, he rented the chair from his barber, just so that he could take it apart and see its inner workings.

This was just the beginning for George Raymond, as his inventions and ideas are still prominent across the globe today.

Grandson of Founder George Raymond, Steve Raymond says, “Pallets are so common that most people don’t even realize that the pallet needed to be invented. This is testament to the genius of the innovation. It was such a good idea, that almost a century later, nobody has come up with a better one.”

The ribbon cutting following today’s ceremony unveiled Raymond’s newest investment, an interactive exhibit highlighting the corporation’s history and impact.

The exhibit will soon travel travel across the country to various support facilities.