BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – It’s been nearly a year since 12 year-old Aliza Spencer was shot and killed while out walking with her family near their home on Binghamton’s Eastside.

This morning, Spencer’s father Fred got choked up while issuing a public plea for information as to who killed his daughter.

Fred, Aliza and Aliza’s brother were walking on Bigelow Street shortly after 10 p.m. on April 21st of last year when a shot came from an unknown direction striking the 6th grader in the chest.

Family and friends have increased a reward for information that leads to a conviction to $32,000, much of that raised through a GoFundMe effort.

Fred says his family is in agony not knowing who did it and why.

“Somebody knows what happened and we need you to come forward. We thank the community for all of the support that they’ve given us and we ask that you continue. And somebody please, please come forward with any information, a rumor, anything you know. Please contact the police department and come forward and help us. Every day is a living hell for us. We just need some help.”

Binghamton Police recently purchased state-of-the-art 3-D scanning technology and took it to the crime scene to determine where the bullet came from.

Results of those tests won’t be known for another week or so.

Police say they are able to rule out a drive-by or walk-by shooting as security cameras at neighboring homes do not show any vehicles or pedestrians at the time of the shooting.

Captain of Detectives Cory Minor says his investigators are working around the clock to find the killer.

“We work this continually, constantly, we do it pretty much every day. With my staff, the men and women who work with me, this is at their forefront. They want to solve this case and we can solve it.”

Minor points to the recent arrest of a man for the arson murder of Jeffrey Aissa that occurred 12 years ago as proof that they never give up.

In fact, it was a tip from the community that lead to that arrest.

Mayor Jared Kraham says the city is taking additional steps to bring attention to the case.

DPW will be painting a purple center stripe in front of Calvin Coolidge Elementary where Aliza attended.

And large billboards promoting the reward will be featured on BC Transit buses.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Binghamton Detectives at 772-7080.