BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A philanthropy class at Binghamton University donated $2,500 to a homeless shelter in Binghamton.

Students in BU’s Philanthropy and Civic Society class presented a check to the Volunteers of America’s homeless shelter.

The class focuses on understanding the importance of giving, and the role it plays in civic engagement.

The class is funded by the Learning and Giving Foundation and the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation.

Over 60 local organizations applied to receive funding from the class, and the shelter was one of five finalists.

A senior at BU, Jaden Beck says that the course teaches how to interact with your community, and that there is more to college than staying on campus.

Graduating Senior at Binghamton University, Jaden Beck says, “We are a very large source, of not only funding, but also, volunteer labor, and also just interesting ideas. We’re an academic institution and people love to say that Binghamton is a public Ivy, but we don’t interact with our community the way that other Ivy League schools potentially would. So, I think it’s really important for people’s college experiences to see that there’s more off campus.”

The shelter provides over 3,000 meals and beds for the homeless community.

In the end, VOA was one of two grant recipients, the other being the American Civic Association.