FREEVILLE, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Students from across the region got to check out the working of a dairy farm without getting their boots muddy.

A farm in the Finger Lakes area welcomed over 8,000 students to its facilities via a virtual tour.

The American Dairy Association partnered up with Beck Farms in Freeville, New York, and hosted two, free, virtual tours earlier this month. Beck Farms is a Dairy farm.

One of the farmers, Tyler Beck says that the tour shows off three specific areas of the farm, the cow barn where the cows eat and hang out, the parlor, where the milk is harvested and stored, and the nursery where all the baby calves are raised.

Beck says that he would never be able to physically host 8,000 kids at his farm, but with the virtual tour, anyone, anywhere with internet access can join in and see the milking process.

Southern Tier Dairy Farmer Tyler Beck says, “Farmers, for the longest time just are focused on doing what they’re doing and going about their day, and when that happens, other people end up trying to tell our story and think they know what’s going on and that leads to misfacts which leads to misinformation that some people put on the internet. And all these curious kids or unknown adults are just reading blindly about facts that came from somebody that they don’t even know what they are talking about.”

Beck says that many of the students participating in the tour live in urban areas, and some may have never been on a farm, or seen a cow.

The virtual tours started in 2018, and since then, the program has resulted in over 550,000 views online.

You can participate in the next tour by visiting