WIVT/WBGH – With temperatures not showing signs of slowing, you want to make sure you are properly equipped for the remainder of summer.

Donovan Gordon, the Director of Clean Heating and Cooling at NYSERDA suggested the use of Heat Pumps.

With utility prices increasing, Gordon says that heat pumps use less electricity, and does just as good of a job as your average air conditioner.

Compared to a boiler or a furnace, that is combustible, a heat pump does not release any emissions such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, and therefore not lowering the air quality in your home.

Director of Clean Heating and Cooling at NYSERDA, Donovan Gordon says, “Like a boiler or a furnace. that does both heating and cooling in a very efficient manner. The technological difference here is as opposed to a boiler or a furnace, that you burn a fuel, primarily a fossil fuel, on-site to create heat, a heat pump transfers heat from one place to another.”

The New York State Clean Heat Incentive Program offers financial incentives for customers to make the transition over to heat pumps.

He suggests researching the local utility companies in your area to determine which contractors are partners with the Clean Heat Incentive Program.

You can go to any major hardware store to buy an air-source heat pump, but Gordon does not recommend that you attempt the installation yourself.

To find out what would be best fit for your home, visit NYSERDA’s website https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/ and look at the heat pump planner.