BINGHAMTON, NY – New York State Electric and Gas is poised to have a new leader, someone who’s risen through the ranks over the past 3 decades.

Parent company Avangrid has named Trish Nilsen the incoming President and CEO of NYSEG and its sister utility RG&E.

Nilsen joined NYSEG in 1990 as a typist and clerk, designing filing systems for offices. She worked her way up through engineering, human resources, customer service and corporate communications. In recent years, she’s been focusing of emergency management, trying to make certain that the company is well prepared to respond to storms and other disasters.

Nilsen says, “I have a little bit of everything. My customer service background, my operations experience, my communications experience is going to inform a lot of what I do. I feel a part of my role is to reflect the voice of our customer across our business. That’s going to inform my work. What do we need to do to primarily keep the lights on and the gas flowing for our customers?”

Nilsen expects that a major focus of her tenure will be shepherding the utilities through the energy transitions that are looming in New York State. She says the company is committed to renewable energy sources and increased efficiency although she does think natural gas still has a role to play.

She takes over from retiring CEO Carl Taylor on July 1st.