BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – NoMa has moved to a new location and has received community support to keep its programs up and running for years to come.

NoMa, or North of Main Community Center, has been operating out of its new space at 30 Main Street since December.

Every week, NoMa offers free programs to the public, such as providing clothing and personal care items, after school activities with teachers, jump roping, and community meals.

Along with the new location, NoMa has received several new streams of funding from the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation, the Community Foundation for South Central New York, and the United Way.

Vice Treasurer Anna Warfield says that these funds ensure NoMa’s impact over the long-term.

The Vice Treasurer at NoMa, Anna Warfield says, “This funding has meant that we have stability, in a sense. It means that we can provide the programs on a reoccurring timeline, which is what folks look for, and that we are staffed, and our shelves are stocked, and we are able to do that.”

Warfield says that the funding has also allowed NoMa to bring on more staff.

Even though its new location is only a few blocks away from its previous space, she says that it has brought in a whole new wave of people and ideas.

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