(WIVT/WBGH) – The New York State Police is recruiting new officers and employees, and with its new standards, more people are eligible than ever before.

Through October 15th, the state police are accepting applications.
You must be a U.S. citizen, at least 20 years old, with a GED or high school diploma to take the recruitment exam.

You can now be up to 34 years old and still apply, or up to 42 years old if you have 7 years of active-duty service on your resume.

Troop C Commander, Jeffrey VanAuken says that a focus of this years’ recruiting efforts is to hire people from our local community.

He says that many Troop C employees are from out of town and end up leaving within a matter of years to work closer to home.

Troop C Commander, Major Jeffrey VanAuken says, “Recruit from local counties, and for them to stay here, that is our goal. We don’t want to have a revolving door of new people coming. We want people that know our community, know our people and are going to stay, and work, and live in our community.”

VanAuken says that State Police has loosened its tattoo protocol, so now, you are allowed to have tattoos down your arm, up to your hands.

He says that regardless of what pop up in your background check, it’s worth applying and see what happens.

To find more information, and to apply, visit JoinStatePolice.NY.gov.