CHENANGO FORKS, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Chenango Forks Central School District was selected for a new state PILOT program that would allow students to receive their Regents Diploma through art classes.

The Individual Arts Assessment Pathway is an option designed for students who excel in the arts.

To receive a Regents Diploma currently, students must pass the four core subjects: Social Studies, Math, Science and English, plus an additional subject such as foreign language or STEM.

This PILOT program would allow art classes to be another route to receive your diploma.

The Chairperson for Chenango Forks’ Art Department, Keith Rosko says that there are a lot of students who have passions for subjects beyond the core four.

Chair of the Arts Department at Chenango Forks, Keith Rosko says, “So, New York State has decided now they’re going to introduce an arts component, allowing students to take exams in those four cores, and then you pass a locally created assessment in the arts and then get their Regents Diploma with that arts assessment on it. It just gives them a slightly different way to get through high school.”

The program started last year; Forks applied and was accepted.

Rosko says that the students are selected for the program by observing their skill and talent for the arts, and through teacher recommendations.

To receive Regent’s credit, students will be required to create a portfolio of their work throughout the year.