BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – International artist and puppeteer, Danae Brissonnet, has spent the last month in a 65 foot lift, transforming an empty brick wall into a mural that reflects her colorful and whimsical art style.

The mural was painted freehand and uses bright colors to symbolize unique elements inspired by the local community.

The painting features concepts of inner fire and dreams, wisdom and consciousness, change and transformation, and mindfulness and connectivity.

This mural is Artist Danae Brissonnet’s first in New York State but she has work in Morocco, Spain, Nepal, France, and across the United States.

“I kind of paint my personal journal and how I feel, so it’s really, I just talk from my heart and can talk from a collective unconsciousness sometimes,” Brissonnet said. “Some people can relate some people will be like, woah this is way too trippy. I just speak the truth, I just speak how I feel in the moment.”

Brissonnet’s mural took under a month to plan and create, and used approximately 25 gallons of paint.

You can visit the five story, 3,500 square foot art piece at 92 State Street in Downtown Binghamton.