BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The man dubbed Binghamton’s most notorious slumlord is arguing that he is the victim of a conspiracy to drive him out of town and financially ruin him.

Isaac Anzaroot was back in Binghamton housing court today for trials on several of the dozens of code violations lodged against him.

Anzaroot came with his new attorney Ron Benjamin.

Benjamin says he is filing a motion seeking to have the charges against Anzaroot dismissed on the basis of selective prosecution.

Benjamin says the city targeted Anzaroot and took steps to thwart his efforts to rehabilitate his properties.

Specifically, Benjamin alleges that the city withheld demolition permits for several properties while citing him for code violations such as broken windows, missing siding, fire damage and unsecured premises.

Binghamton’s attorney, Brian Seachrist countered in court that Anzaroot’s demolition permits were denied because they were incomplete, that many were filed after the code citations and that Anzaroot has been subject to the same code enforcement as any other Binghamton property owner.

While campaigning for the office, Mayor Jared Kraham labeled Anzaroot Binghamton’s most notorious slumlord, even holding a media event in front of one of his dilapidated buildings.

Back in January, Anzaroot told NewsChannel 34 that he’s been a real estate developer in Greater Binghamton for 19 years, owning as many as 140 properties.

However, he said all of them were at that time in some sort of jeopardy such as bank foreclosure, receivership or mortgage default.

In January, Anzaroot agreed to a plea deal with a fine of 1750 dollars to settle 4 of the cases.
Tenants have decried the deplorable conditions in his rental properties, including collapsed ceilings, missing door knobs, rat and insect infestations and the like.

Today in court, Judge Daniel Seiden castigated Benjamin for suggesting that the city had purposely scheduled a hearing for the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur knowing that Anzaroot is an Orthodox Jew.

Seiden says his court routinely accommodates litigants’ religious holiday requests.

Anzaroot has missed a number of court appearances in the past, prompting his arrest.