SIDNEY, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – NewsChannel 34 has learned additional details about a Sidney woman accused of seriously injuring a 14 year-old in a drunk driving crash.

Courtni Baker, who turns 32 today, is facing 10 charges including vehicular assault, aggravated vehicular assault and escape, for allegedly hitting Anielle “AK” McEwan-Lomnicki, as the 8th grader was walking home from Sidney Middle School on Sharon Street on February 15th.

According to court documents, Baker and her 2 sons were living on Sharon Street with Baker’s parents.

Security camera video from Community Lounge in Sidney allegedly shows Baker arriving when the bar opened at 11 a.m. consuming liquor, leaving for a short period and then returning and drinking more liquor, mixed with Red Bull, until leaving again at about 2:30.

According to a Sidney Police report, a bartender at Community Lounge says Baker was regularly coming in during those hours, that she left that day to go tanning, and that she was drinking cherry bombs and a mimosa.

She would later allegedly register a blood alcohol content of .24.

School lets out at around 2:30 and McEwan-Lomnicki was walking home up Sharon Street when Baker allegedly hit her.

According to a filing by the Delaware County District Attorney, video from school bus cameras in the area show Baker leaving the scene, then returning and removing the victim’s book bag and a shoe.

Soon after a Sidney Police Officer arrived on the scene, he reports finding the girl lying facedown and unresponsive in the road.

The officer says Baker was back at the scene but initially denied hitting McEwan-Lomnicki when accused by other neighbors who had gathered.

According to police, Baker would later admit to striking the 14 year old, leaving for 5 minutes, then returning and collecting AK’s personal items.

Police say it was neighbors who called 911.

Court documents also provide information about Baker’s multiple attempts to flee custody by slipping out of her handcuffs at the Sidney Police Station and in the back of a patrol car.

Baker remains in the Delaware County Jail with bail set at $100,000 cash.

AK recently returned home from Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse where she spent nearly 7 weeks recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Ermeti’s Community Lounge is owned by Delaware County Public Defender Joe Ermeti who is also a candidate for Delaware District Attorney.

Ermeti tells NewsChannel 34 that his heart goes out to AK and her family.

He questions whether Baker did all of her drinking at his bar.