BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Saying he’s focused on the job at hand and not yet looking toward his re-election, Congressman Marc Molinaro laid out his Accomplishments over his first 100 days in office today.

Molinaro held a news conference outside his Binghamton office in the MetroCenter this afternoon.

The freshman Republican touted his constituent services, with additional offices in Delaware, Greene, Otsego and Sullivan Counties.

His staff has closed over 350 cases on behalf of residents, recovered over 350 thousand dollars on their behalf and responded to over 14 thousand constituent calls, emails and letters.

Rather than focus on polarizing, partisan issues, Molinaro says he’s working with the Problem Solvers Caucus on bipartisan issues such as mental health and the opioid epidemic.

However, there is one hot button issue he wants to be very clear about.

“I do not support and will not support diminishing or reducing Medicare or Social Security assistance to those who rely on it. In fact, we need to find ways to get more people into the workforce, so that we can expand the capacity of Social Security and Mediare to provide assistance, particularly in the case of Medicare, to provide mental health supports.”

Molinaro also spoke about his support for law enforcement and border security, his work on bringing broadband internet to rural communities and holding utilities accountable on their rates and service quality.

So far, Molinaro has held town hall meetings with constituents in 10 of the 11 counties he represents.

The final one, Tioga County, had to be rescheduled twice due to a death in the family and illness and is expected to take place next week.