Misleading political flyer found in donation boxes at local food banks; claiming the letter is inaccurate

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A letter from the President has upset local food banks that claim the letter is inaccurate.

The North Side Distribution Center, serving those in need from the Citizen Action offices on State Street on Thursday took the letter out of the boxes of food it was giving away.

The center claims this was done to prevent the spread of false information.
Food Bank of NY is allowing distribution centers to take the letter out of the boxes
Distribution Center Coordinator Megan Carrie says the president should not intruded on feeding the hungry.

North Side Distribution Center Coordinator Megan Carrie says, “It feels wrong that we have to pull basically campaign material out of food boxes. Giving food away shouldn’t be politicized in any way no matter what side, and we don’t understand why these were put in the boxes without our knowledge.”

The letter claims that Trump is feeding people through Food Banks, which they say is not true.
The letter also says people should take care of themselves, promoting measures including wearing a mask, which he has not been ardent about in the past.

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