BINGHAMTON, NY – Last year she was teaching Pre-K, now she is teaching third-grade at St. John the Evangelist School and this month’s Golden Apple Award Winner. Briana Howell has always had a soft spot for kids and it reflects in her fun teaching style.

Third grade teacher Briana Howell says, “I like to make a difference. I hope that when my kids leave the class, that they know they can always come back if they need to talk to me about something, if they just need a hug, you know, whatever. I want to make a difference. I hope that I’m the teacher that they think back on and think fondly of.”

Howell has an interactive and fun teaching style. She talks about the importance of balancing school work and having fun, especially after the students took the New York State tests for the first time.

Third grade teacher Briana Howell says, “We turned our desks into tents and we had just a chill day. We didn’t have to do anything, it was just fun. So I think you have to balance the scholastics and the fun.”

Howell says the jump in difficulty from second to third grade mathematics can be daunting. Because of this, she started an after school math program and the kids are learning while having a blast.

Third grade teacher Briana Howell says, “I do an after school math tutoring. Which at first they were like uh I don’t want to do it, but it’s actually, they don’t even realize they’re learning.”

I asked one of her students, Lincoln Vicks, what he thought of Mrs. Howell. He told me she goes above and beyond, and makes every day fun for everyone.

Third Grade Student Lincoln Vicks says, “I would say that she has been like the best teacher for us so far. And she’s really helping and nice. And I would really say I don’t want to leave her when I go to fourth grade cause she’s so good to us.”

Mrs. Howell spoke on how St. John The Evangelist is one big loving family. She is incredibly humbled by this nomination and award, and dedicates her success to her students and the community.

In Binghamton, Roy Santa Croce, NewsChannel 34.