BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) A startup business that provides in-person tutoring is the first place winner of the 2022 Binghamton Business Plan Competition.

Mayor Jared Kraham announced yesterday that Strategic Test Prep was awarded 5 thousand dollars along with a raft of free services from local marketing, accounting, legal and website firms.

Strategic Test Prep was founded last year by middle school math teacher Laura Whitmore. Whitmore began her company at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator where she hosts students who are preparing for the SAT’s and ACT’s. She says many kids and parents prefer the results that come from doing the tutoring face to face.

Whitmore says in addition to the prizes, she got a lot out of the experience.

“I mean, the money’s great and the community support is amazing,” said Whitmore. “But, I just felt like I needed some direction and a vision. To write that business plan and to know what trajectory I want to go in has been so invaluable.”

Whitmore hopes to hire additional tutors later this year and eventually move out of the incubator into her own tutoring space.

Meanwhile, for the first time, the competition offered second and third place prizes.

The 2 thousand dollar second place prize went to Downtown Danny’s. Couple Dan Carlin and Christina Andrews run a popular hot dog cart on Exchange Street.

USEFUZE, a mobile app hiring platform got 500 dollars for third place.