BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Over 9 million people will watch two local residents compete on one of America’s most iconic gameshows, the Wheel of Fortune.

Marc Bernard and Quentin Pappadakis are two longtime fans of the show.

Every year, the show gets over one-million applications from people hoping to be on the show.

After multiple interviews to determine that Quentin and Marc were able to think on their feet, they were invited to be featured on the show’s Home for the Holidays episode.

Pappadakis says that after a lifetime of watching the show, the entire process from booking a flight to Los Angeles, walking into the studio, and spinning the wheel, felt like a dream.

Quentin Pappadakis, Contestant on Wheel of Fortune says, “You’re meeting people from different backgrounds, you’re meeting Pat and Vanna. You see the audience in front of you, the bright lights, the cameras, and its just such an amazing feeling.”

Pappadakis says that the best part of the experience is knowing that the entire Binghamton community gets to see him perform on a national stage.

Bernard says that they didn’t worry too much about preparing for the show, as they’ve been getting ready their entire lives.

This episode is a “team edition” meaning Pappadakis and Bernard could talk amongst each other to come up with a strategy and the answer for each puzzle.

Marc Bernard, Wheel of Fortune Contestant, says, “I think the competition between our contestants was really intense which kind of kept everybody really sharp. And I think you guys will really love how we did on the show. It was really, really a great experience, and hopefully you guys see how much fun we had on the show.”

Their episode will air tomorrow night at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Pappadakis and Bernard are inviting the public to watch the episode along with them at Peterson’s Tavern.

The team agreed that whatever earnings they made from the show, they will donate a portion of the money back into our local community, specifically to the Johnson City School District.