BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Following Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham’s budget announcement last month, facilities around the city are receiving funding for major upgrades in the near future.

Kraham’s latest announcement came this morning at the Boys and Girls Club where he pledged $100,000 worth of investments going to the club through the city’s new $1 million youth fund.

The funding will go toward upgrading the facility’s gym, specifically, the floors and lighting.
As well as exterior additions to the ball field, plus the purchasing of a new van to help with transportation to and from the club.

Executive Director Marybeth Smith said that she hopes to start the construction process as soon as possible.

Kraham spoke on Binghamton’s eagerness to support the long-standing community organization.

“For many many decades, they have been here assisting kids in the City of Binghamton and I view them as a true, top level partner for the city as we look to expand youth funding, get critical dollars into the community and have it impact families.”

Smith said that with the additions to the gym, the club wants to bring in more basketball teams then ever before and start a league.

The new space will be utilized for community events, and that the van will allow for more field trips for the kids, and to bring more kids along on each trip.

City Council will vote on the $1 million youth fund, and the $100,000 dollars going to the club at its business meeting this evening.