BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A Binghamton startup that produces an environmentally-friendly alternative to cement made from recycled glass is receiving yet another grant.

This time, the Environmental Protection Agency is giving KLAW Industries half a million dollars to expand its operations.

KLAW’s cement replacement product is called Pantheon. It uses recycled post-consumer glass provided by Taylor Garbage as a substitute for traditional coal ash.

Over the summer, the City of Binghamton agreed to utilize concrete made by Barney and Dickenson in Vestal using Pantheon.

KLAW’s Chief Operating Officer Jacob Kumpon says that demonstration project made a big difference in their EPA application.

“The fact that we were doing early pilots, as the Mayor had said, with the curb and sidewalk projects with Barney & Dickenson and Torto Construction as well, really kind of set us apart from the other competitors. That we had the support of our local municipality behind us and they were willing to work with us and actually deploy this technology, and that it really did have legs.”

KLAW was one of 8 small businesses across the country to receive EPA grants supporting technology companies addressing climate change.

KLAW was founded at the Koffman Incubator in 2019.

Kumpon credits the Koffman staff with helping the company secure more than 1.18 million dollars worth of grants and awards since then.