(WIVT/WBGH) – Josh Riley is a graduate of Union-Endicott High School. His family worked in the Endicott-Johnson shoe factories and for IBM.

He says he was motivated to get involved in government after seeing what happened to the local economy when the plants closed down and the jobs were shipped overseas.

Riley’s first government position was with former Congressman Maurice Hinchey. He would later move to Washington and use his law degree to work in the U.S. Senate and in private practice on issues such as civil rights, women’s rights and protecting small businesses. He says he’ll use that experience and connections to counteract the impact of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision which took away a woman’s right to an abortion.

Riley, his wife and young son, recently moved to Ithaca which is part of the new 19th. Riley says he would be proud to represent his hometown at a time when plans to build a battery storage research and manufacturing hub in Endicott show enormous promise. He says the benefits would be two-fold to the economy and the environment.

Riley says we should never have stopped making things in Upstate New York and that global supply chain disruptions have contributed to inflation. The Democrat supports middle class tax cuts, a windfall profits tax on oil companies and an end ot oil and gas subsidies. Riley decries lies he says the Republicans are saying about his stance on crime. He says his work in Washington supported grants for local law enforcement and that he would never vote to defund the police.

Riley says he has deep local roots with national experience. And he won’t be compromised by powerful special interests because he’s refusing to accept campaign donations from corporate political action committees.

Riley says his goal is to bring people together and restore faith in our democracy.