BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Today, Jason Johnson appeared in Broome County Court for sentencing after being convicted of Attempted Murder and eight other charges for shooting a New York State Trooper on June 9th, 2021.

Johnson shot Trooper Becky Seager during an incident at his home on East Windsor Road in the Town of Colesville.

Police, including Seager, were called to Johnson’s home to investigate a threat that he had made against a neighbor.

After police arrived, Johnson, who admitted to smoking marijuana throughout the day, went into his home, grabbed a .270 hunting rifle, and began to fire shots in hopes of scaring police off his property.

Trooper Seager was struck in the hip while managing traffic in-and-out of East Windsor Road.

At trail, Seager testified that since the incident, she has not been able to return to the life that she always had. She said that she is in constant pain and has developed a limp.

Johnson admitted to shooting three different vehicles that night, two of which were law enforcement, but he claims that he was not the one who shot Trooper Seager.

Johnson maintains that it was friendly fire.

A jury disagreed.

As a result, Johnson will spend 60 years to life in New York State prison.

NewsChannel 34 was in the courtroom today. We will have interviews, reactions, and more at 6 and 11.