Iza and Co online-only fashion boutique celebrated its 1-year anniversary in business on Thursday

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An online store that sells all types of clothes celebrated an important moment this week.
Iza and Co celebrated its 1-year anniversary in business on Thursday.
The company is an online-only fashion boutique with many different items of clothing and accessories.

Co-owners Jennifer Ferguson and Sabrina Hallick hosted an in-person open house event to celebrate the occasion. The open house included items for sale at discounted rates, as well as catered food, wine tasting, and goodie bags, all while maintaining safety protocols.
Both Hallick and Ferguson say the support they have received from their customers has been invaluable.

Iza & CO. Co-Owner Sabrina Hallick says, “Thank you to everyone who has helped make our dream a reality, and has grown this into what it’s become. I remember a year ago, we had like one small, little rack, and it was just like we were so excited. To have all these people here, coming and celebrating one year means the world to us.”

Iza & CO. Co-Owner Jennifer Ferguson says, “I am beyond grateful every single day. We’re so thankful for you guys in the consistency. Just those tried-and-true customers that keep coming back, and the new ones that we get weekly, we’re so grateful. It’s awesome to see the progress we’ve made in a year all because of you guys.”

To see the different styles Iza and Co have to offer, you can visit My Iza Co dot com

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