TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – We’re headed back In the Kitchen with CCE tonight, with a blueberry recipe that makes a great snack, lunch, or appetizer.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Nutrition Educator Tara Kenyon is preparing blueberry quesadillas.

The dish is simple, and only requires around five ingredients.

Kenyon caramelizes two or three large onions and heats up the blueberries on the stove just enough that they start cooking down.

After that, Kenyon assembles her quesadilla by spreading goat cheese on a whole grain tortilla and topping it with the caramelized onions, cooked blueberries, and finishes it off with fresh basil.

Kenyon says that blueberries have a low impact on your blood sugar levels, making them a good option for diabetics or pre-diabetics.

She says the recipe is customizable, and you can add as little or as much of an ingredient as you want.

Supervising Nutritionist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County, Tara Kenyon says, “It’s not overly sweet at all. So, it makes a great option for using a fruit, like blueberries, in a way that we would traditionally dessert out of it or, you know, just eat it fresh the way it is, and kind of put it into a savory dish.”

Kenyon folds the tortilla and heats it on a stove top until golden brown before flipping.

She says the best time to eat blueberries is mid-July through August.

The Broome County Regional Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday on Upper Front Street from 9 to 1.