ENDICOTT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The creators of North America’s first lithium-ion battery gigafactory are welcoming the public to get to know them better.

Imperium 3 New York is holding a town hall tomorrow from 4 to 6 to inform the community about its plans and answer any questions people may have.

IM3NY is already producing large batteries on the Huron Campus.

It currently has 60 employees with plans to ramp up to 150 as it produces its first full gigawatt of energy storage next year.

The company eventually hopes to produce 16 gigawatts per year and employ 1,200 workers by 2028.

Technical Sales Manager Keith Hoge says market research has Imperium confidence that the community can support the labor force, housing, child care and more that will be necessary to support the expansion.

“1200 jobs is a significant number. We feel that the end result will be a revitalization of the Endicott community and something that ultimately will be a very good thing for everyone that’s local to the area.”

Hoge says the company is already in discussions with potential suppliers who may colocate on the Huron campus.

Mayor Linda Jackson says tomorrow’s meeting will be a great opportunity to connect with Imperium 3’s local leadership.

“The concentration is on just finding out about the company and what their plans are for the future that they already know about. And just getting to know people. People need to meet these guys because they’re wonderful people. They just need to meet them.”

The forum will be held in the auditorium of Building 40.

Participants will use the entrance off of Heritage Circle.

Meanwhile, work to remove a pedestrian walkway over McKinley Avenue is progressing.

It’s a first step before demolition of many of the old IBM factories on the Northeast corner of North and McKinley to make way for future development.