Governor Hochul spoke at a Memorial Day Service at Ground Zero in New York City to remind Americans of our resiliency.

It has been over twenty years since 9/11. Hochul says that despite the beautiful shrine and memorial at Ground Zero, the attack has still left holes in our hearts.

She recalls how hopeless it seemed after that day, and yet, the city, state, and the nation powered through.

She says, “as you go through the list of people who showed up unprompted, just showed up here to help restore and to heal and to bring us back together, the common denominator for most is that they were New Yorkers.”

Governor Kathy Hochul says, “People said we could not come back. Close it down, lower Manhattan is dead now because of that day. But if that had happened, that would have meant the terrorists would have won. And by our strength and determination to bring this city back, we demonstrated, no, they did not win. We won, and will continue to win the fight against terrorism, whether it’s domestic or foreign terrorism that is our message here today.”

Hochul says to honor those who were lost, as well as those who survived, who provide a memory of the lessons learned that day.