HARPURSVILLE, NY – Animal Adventure Park is unveiling a major expansion, adding new animals and experiences that are likely to continue to attract visitors to our area.

The new space is called the Preserve, and sits on over one-hundred acres of land and features three miles of drivable roads for customers.

The Preserve is home to hundreds of animals, and customers can embark on a self-driven safari through grasslands, scrub brush, and deep forests.

There are four different regions of animals that are represented throughout the Preserve, including, Aussie-Eurasia, The Americas, Africa, and the Giants of Africa.
Owner Jordan Patch says that the Preserve is the state’s largest drive through animal experience.

Animal Adventure Park Owner Jordan Patch says, “And that’s when it was like you know we can make this a reality, we can have those large herd environments and bring those larger programs and bigger species and really achieve what we’re not able to achieve in the development that’s occurred in animal adventure. If you’re familiar with the park over there, we have utilized just about every inch of that facility and this is a spot to I don’t wanna say start over but to go further and dream bigger.”

Patch also announced that the Preserve will be home to the only White Rhinoceros in Broome County.
The project cost two-million dollars and took over one year to complete.

Patch says, “Unique to the preserve, you the guests are in the animals environment, and we are keeping you contained, our free choice environment will allow the animals to engage you if they wish and if not, carry about their natural behaviors in their herds and family units. We encourage you to look beyond the paths and the more social animals you encounter and look into the woods and discover what is beyond.”

The Preserve officially opens to the public on Friday and operates from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. with last admissions accepted at 3:30 P.M.

Reservations will be required.

More information on the project at https://theanimaladventurepark.com/Page/home