BINGHAMTON, NY – An enormous mural is transforming one of downtown Binghamton’s historic buildings.

French-Canadian muralist and puppeteer Danae Brissonnet is painting a 6,400 square foot mural on the side of the former Drazen’s Department Store building at 98 State Street.

The work centers around a carousel and includes mystical images of the sun, hands and eyes.

Brissonnet, who is being assisted by her mother Daphne, is a nomadic artist, living in the places where she’s been commissioned to work.

She says her imagery has been influenced by trips to India, Taiwan and Nepal.

Brissonnet says she expects it will take about 30 gallons of paint to complete the 5-story mural that’s above the entrance to the Rathskeller Pub.

She says she head already been thinking of a mural with a merry-go-round theme when she found out about our area’s connection to carousels.

“I saw that it was a carousel town then I wanted to celebrate the carousel. But I also want to create this type of face created by the carousel. So, if you can see there are these eyes all around the top, and the mouth all around the bottom, and inside there are all of these stories and things that happen.”

Muralist Danae Brissonnet

After the priming was finished, she began outlining the artwork about 8 days ago and expects to take another 12 days to complete it.

She says she won’t settle on a name for it until she has finished.

The mural is one of many public art installations being commissioned in the Triple Cities by the Broome County Arts Council using money from the Greater Binghamton Fund.