ENDICOTT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Gault Auto sent people all around the county on a scavenger hunt, and the winner got to choose which nonprofits receive funding.

On May 1st, the hunt began with the first of five clues hidden in one of Gault’s showrooms.

The clues directed the hunters to the location of the next one.
After finding each clue, the hunters took a picture of themselves with it to receive a hint for the next clue.

The winner of the competition got to choose up to five local nonprofits to receive a portion of Gault Gives Back’s $30,000 donation.

Sisters Rosemary Badger and Becky Genter took home first place and say that they saw an ad for the scavenger hunt on TV.

Badger says that they saw several non-profits looking for the clues as well, so after they won, they decided to donate the money to them.

Badger says, “He had us doing the trails, walking by the pond, do a loop. You just pick up on little things that he says and hopefully you find it. We wanted to give to the one’s that participated in it, because they were out there in the rain, hiking, and spent days and hours. We felt, they’re the one’s that should get it.”

Badger says some of the clues took days of searching to find.

Five non-profits received checks for $6,200 including the Southern Tier Antique Tractor Club, the Humane Society, Endicott Preschool, Meals on Wheels of Broome County, and Mom’s House.

Both sisters also received a personal check for one thousand dollars.