BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A free, grab and go pantry of essential feminine products has officially opened at the Broome County Public Library.

The Period Pantry was created by the Broome County Public Defender’s Office.

The pantry is a bookshelf stationed in the main vestibule of the library and offers free feminine hygiene products to the community.

Including pads, tampons, undergarments, and menstrual cups.
The library held a news conference today to announce that it is officially open during library hours.

A paralegal at the Public Defender’s Office Alexis Bronson says that in the future they hope to open outdoor pantries that can be accessed 24/7.

Paralegal at the Public Defender’s Office Alexis Bronson says, “They can just take what they need. It’s not monitored in a sense of, they could take as much or as little as they might need. Whichever products they might need, it’s no questions asked.”

Bronson says that several SUNY Broome and Binghamton University interns at the public defender’s office stock the shelves at least every other day.

The pantry is funded through donations. You can make a donation by writing a check to the library, and including Period Pantry in the memo, or by dropping off products to the Public Defender’s Office.