DEPOSIT, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Our latest Food and Farm Showcase takes us to a blueberry farm in Deposit that’s having its best season ever.

Dennis Marrero, owner of Bleuet Hill Farm near Oquaga Lake, says never in his 10 years of growing blueberries has he had so much fruit that was so sweet and juicy.

He credits the lack of rain for the sweetness and cool nights for the firmness of the fruit.

Bleuet, which is the French word for blueberry, sits on 20 acres facing south.

Marrero began with 4 bushes that he planed himself but then nature took over spreading several thousand wild, native blueberries across the property.

Marrero says all he does is mow, prune and keep other plants at bay.

Marrero says, “I feel like the shepherd and this is a flock of blueberry bushes. I just keep them happy and just need to make sure that the other plants are not taking over. They’re certainly paying back in a big way.”

Marrero says the 7 or 8 varieties also benefit from the elevation and the acidic soil.

And bears play a major role in spreading the seeds through their droppings.

Bleuet Hill is a one-man U-pick operation.

Marrero, who is retired from an office job in New York City, says he’s happy that the business covers his property taxes and gas for his mower.

Vallessa Monk of East Branch is a regular customer.

“I’ve never had a blueberry taste so good,” says Monk. “It’s amazing to me to see on the same bush there’s sky blue and dusty blue creations with the black ones and the purple ones, all on the same bush. You just taste them as you go along and they’re so good.”

Marrero also started producing and marketing his own blueberry sweet and spicy barbecue sauce with the help of Cornell Cooperative Extension. In fact, he was the first person to use CCE’s commercial kitchen at the Farmers Market.

Bleuet Hill is open Wedesday through Monday from 10 to 5 although Marrero cautions that this weekend will likely mark the end of the season.

You can find out more info on the Bleuet Hill Farm Facebook page.

If you come and Marrero isn’t under his tent, just honk your horn or shout. He’s probably on the hill pruning or sampling his wares.