(WIVT/WBGH) – Due to the pandemic, in March of 2020, Peace Corps volunteers around the world were forced to evacuate to their home towns.

Binghamton couple Timothy Moore and Tasha Youngs will be some of the first Peace Corps volunteers to return overseas since global operations ceased.

When the pandemic hit, the Peace Corps had nearly 7,000 volunteers in more than 60 countries around the globe.

Moore and Youngs will serve as agricultural volunteers in Senegal for two years.

The Peace Corps offers six different sectors of work, they are, Community economic development, education, environment, health or youth in development, and agriculture.

Forestry and Environmental Specialist Timothy Moore says, “So, we’ll really be working on agro-forestry, which is kind of inter-cropping trees and stable crops together to increase yields and to stabilize soil and watersheds.”

Moore says that they both submitted their applications to serve back in 2020 before the pandemic was in full swing.

Being a couple, Moore and Youngs will be able to practice the native language more consistently and express what they learn on a daily basis with someone who can relate.

Sustainable Rural Agriculture Extension Agent in the Peace Corps Tasha Youngs says, “By connecting with the community we can fulfill one of the Peace Corps mission statements, which is, to educate yourself about the community and then educate the community about U.S. culture. And then when you come back, you educate United States citizens about the people and their culture that you had just come from.”

Youngs says she will most likely be working on smaller scale agricultural projects such as a community garden, or teaching healthy nutritional practices.

She also highlights the importance of interacting with the local community to determine their needs and address them accordingly.

The couple will leave on September 23rd and will not return until November of 2024.