WINDSOR, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The start of the school year means the rekindling of NewsChannel 34’s monthly recognition of a local teacher who goes above and beyond. This school year’s first Golden Apple Award winner realized her passion by immersing herself in a new culture.

Marcia Wells teaches 7th and 8th grade French at Windsor Middle School.
She says that middle school can be tricky, but that the students’ energy is what keeps her excited to come to work.

Marcia Wells says, “Middle School is very, it can be challenging, but the kids have high energy, and I like to match that high energy to keep them engaged, keep them wanting to learn more, keep them eager.”

Ms. Wells received her undergrad from SUNY Potsdam just south of the Canadian border, which in her free-time she says she frequently visited Quebec and Montreal, which inspired her passion to learn the French language and the culture.

She says that in her first couple years of teaching, she tried to keep to the lessons in the textbook, until she realized how dry it was.

Marcia Wells says, “Sometimes, it was just going home and picking through my kids’ toys, like getting potato heads out, and okay, how can I make a fun lesson out of potato heads, oh we’re learning about body parts, lets have little cards, they can read about the body and then assemble a potato head.”

In Mrs. Wells’ class, every day is a clean slate, despite what may have happened the day before.

Student Jarelis Claudio says, “I like walking into her class, everyday cause like, I may be just having a horrible day, and then I walk into her class, and it’s just more fun now, and I’m being able to learn the language better than I did last year.”

Wells says that her students are teaching her new things every day. She says that that she has learned not to settle with her methods and continued to develop her engaging teaching style.

Marcia Wells says, “We’re life-long learners, just like we expect our kids to continually learn, we’re also continually learning, and our district has been amazing in investing in us that way, there’s always opportunities here at Windsor to learn and grow, and just be the best teacher you can be, and I’m really thankful to work in a district that supports us like that.”