ENDICOTT, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson has been thrown off the ballot for the Republican primary.

The Broome County Board of Elections has affirmed a challenge to Jackson’s petitions that was filed by a fellow Republican in the village.

Jackson had submitted 109 signatures, only 11 more than the 98 needed. But she lost 27 signatures that were ruled invalid.

Most were lost on a technicality as the witness on one entire sheet had already signed a petition for Endicott Trustee Nick Burlingame. Others were not enrolled as Republicans or not enrolled at all.

That means there will not be a GOP primary and Burlingame will be the Republican nominee.

However, Jackson says she’s not giving up her re-election bid yet.

She plans to seek the 161 signatures that would be necessary to create her own independent party line.

Meanwhile, the November ballot also got a bit leaner in Endicott with the disqualification of 2 Democratic candidates for trustee.

According to election officials, Shannon Sharpe and Kevin Kreiner each submitted 141 signatures, only 2 more than the minimum. Each had 11 invalidated due to enrollment and other issues.