BINGHAMTON, NY – Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo says she wants to build upon her legacy of bringing people together as she seeks a 10th term in Albany.

The Democrat officially announced her re-election campaign at Confluence Park in Binghamton, on the very spot where she and her husband were married.

Lupardo is in her fourth year as chair of the Assembly Agriculture Committee where she worked to address food supply chain issues early in the pandemic. She worked to connect unused food grown in Upstate that would typically be purchased by restaurants with food banks Downstate.

She says she’s also committed to telling the story about Greater Binghamton’s advancements in innovative technologies and higher education.

“I love this place,” said Lupardo. “I love the hard-working people. I love what they represent. I love the ethnicity that is represented throughout the community. I was also compelled to help rebuild this community. It really fell on hard times. The economy collapsed when we lost all of our manufacturing jobs. I spent the last 20 years doing everything I can to rebuild various sectors of the economy.”

Lupardo says she works well with local officials of both parties and has had bipartisan support for all of her major pieces of legislation.

The 123rd District includes the City of Binghamton and the Towns of Union and Vestal.

City Councilwoman Sophia Resciniti and State Senate staffer Robin Alpaugh are facing each other in a primary on June 28th to determine the Republican candidate.