KIRKWOOD, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Today is election day, and there are several prominent races around Greater Binghamton, but arguably none more prominent than the race for Broome County District Attorney.

The Republican candidate for DA, Paul Battisti was joined by his wife, kids and father at the Kirkwood Town Hall to cast his vote ahead of tonight’s election results.

Battisti applauded the Broome County Board of Elections for a seamless and transparent voting process.

And he says he’s confident that he will assume the role of district attorney in January.
Battisti believes there is nothing else that his campaign could’ve done to secure a victory.

Republican Candidate for Broome County District Attorney, Paul Battisti says, “I’m really looking forward to tonight. We’re going to see a victory, and I am so excited to really start creating that new generation for the next generation. Leaving a lasting legacy for my children and our community’s children, and we start that on January 1st by creating that firm foundation to build on”.

Battisti says that since announcing his candidacy in February, he has knocked on the doors of thousands of residents.

Battisti will be watching the votes come in during the Republican viewing party at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Binghamton.

Early voting and absentee ballots are expected to start coming shortly after polls close at 9 p.m. with nearby precincts reporting shortly thereafter.