JOHNSON CITY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) The federal government has shut down the demolition of the former Goudey Station in Johnson City due to hazardous conditions.

Back in February, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Labor and local authorities visited the former coal-fired power plant to investigate a petroleum fire that was ignited by a torch used to salvage metal.

While there, investigators discovered that the demolition crews had not properly removed asbestos insulation from the facility before starting to tear it down.

The U-S Environmental Protection Agency then found asbestos in a large pile of debris on site as well as coating the pavement.

The EPA then ordered NRGY Development, which purchased the property in 2021, to secure the site from further vandalism and trespassing and to hire a company to properly remove the asbestos.

The EPA says NRGY simply posted some asbestos warning signs and did nothing else.

So, last month EPA installed new gates and fencing and decontaminated on-site road surfaces.
In the coming weeks, it plans to cover piles of debris containing asbestos to keep the hazardous substance from becoming airborne.

Goudey Station generated electricity from 1917 until 2011 when it was shut down.