BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Democrat running in the race for district attorney is former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan.

Ryan cast his vote at the Broome County Public Library during the early voting period on Friday.

He says that he will continue working up until 9 p.m. tonight.

Calling residents to see whether they have voted, and if not, then encouraging them to get out to the polls.

He says that Battisti has access to far more resources, but Ryan is confident that he will receive bi-partisan support for his campaign.

The former Binghamton mayor says that he has created a broad coalition of support including Binghamton Republicans, and folks over at Binghamton University.

Democratic Candidate for Broome County District Attorney, Matt Ryan says, ” I was surprised how many people from the other side embraced our campaign, and that gives me hope, especially for our local democracy. That people can say, “hey you know what, we’re looking at the resumes, we’re looking at who can best do this job, we’re looking at who has the integrity, we’re looking at who has the experience, and choosing me, even a lot of Republicans.”

Ryan says he’ll be attending the Democrat’s viewing party this evening taking place at Atomic Tom’s Gallery in Downtown Binghamton.

He says that when 9 o’clock hits, he will try to sit back and relax as the votes roll in.