WINDSOR, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Broome County District Attorney Mike Korchak is encouraging high school students to consider volunteering as emergency responders.

Korchak held a news conference outside of Windsor High School this morning to announce his First Responder Youth Program.

Korchak employs School Resource Officers at various schools across the county.

He’s instructing them to start promoting opportunities with local volunteer fire departments and ambulance services.

President of the Broome County Firefighters Association Robert Brady says volunteer experience can lead not only to paid positions as professional firefighters or EMT’s but also jobs in healthcare or insurance.

“What you learn really helps you for your future. It could be as simple as a CPR course for EMS. It could be understanding what to do to fight a fire, to help investigate a fire, to learn how to operate different pieces of equipment. There are a lot of opportunities. Just running into a house that’s on fire is not what it’s all about.”

Brady says volunteer fire departments also respond to motor vehicle accidents, water emergencies and hazardous material situations.

Windsor SRO Marc Ayres is working with other local school resource officers to encourage teenagers to attend the upcoming volunteer fire open houses that are scheduled at various departments on the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd.