(WETM) – Prospective election workers in New York will now have the opportunity to train virtually.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation (S.1277A/A.4257A) that provides a more flexible approach to election worker training, permitting both online and in-person instruction and examination of election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators.

In-person training may still be required for specialized issues, such as the use of voting machines.

Additionally, this legislation removes the requirement that the course of instruction be taken every year. Election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators will still be required to pass the annual examination, but they will only need to take the training course once.

“Zoom and virtual meetings are not going away in a post-pandemic world and its important that our laws continue to be modernized to fit current and future needs of New Yorkers,” Governor Cuomo said. “Elections are a key component to our democracy and expanding laws to allow for online training will help ensure election workers receive the training they need without antiquated barriers getting in the way.”