BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Roberson Museum is inviting the public to walk through a new exhibit, that depicts the COVID-19 pandemic through portraits.

The exhibition is titled ‘You and Me’ and was captured by local photographer Scott Montgomery.

Montgomery’s work is based on portrait photos that he then edits to fit his vision.

Each photo has a date associated with it, starting in March of 2020 and slowly progresses throughout the next two years.

The marketing and events coordinator at the museum, Emily Kuebler says that compared to other exhibits at Roberson, ‘You and Me’ is outside of the box and somewhat edgier.

Marketing and Events Coordinator at Roberson Museum Emily Kuebler says, “The images that you see begin to get slowly darker and darker. And that kind of reflects on the state of the world. Like, you know, we were all in lockdown, we were all really nervous about everything, and everything got really dark. So, at the end of the exhibition, you are kind of forced to turn around, then you start walking through 2021 and 2022 and things get a little brighter until you finish.”

Each piece of art was created within a three-year period during the pandemic.

The exhibit is displayed in the Dickenson first-floor gallery.

You can take home a pocket version of the portraits at the gift shop.

‘You and Me’ officially opens tomorrow and will run through October.