ENDWELL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A local elementary school is making it easier for children with speech and language challenges to communicate with their peers on the playground.

Homer Brink Elementary in Endwell showcased the district’s new communication board on the playground, so those who are non-verbal, or have a language barrier can express themselves.

The board is filled with different high frequency words and core vocabulary.

If someone is struggling to communicate their words, they can gesture to a specific emotion, or symbol on the board.

A speech therapist for the district, Alison Quick says that once students understand what each symbol means, their exchanges will turn into conversations.

Speech Therapist at Maine-Endwell, Alison Quick says, “Those with more developed language skills can help expand the language development of students who are using the boards. So, if somebody pointed to one icon such as slide, that they want to go down, then you can model and build. Let’s use the slide. Can we use the slide? The slide was fun let’s do it again. And you can really build on that.”

Many of the symbols refer to playground activities such as climbing, riding, or swinging, and games like tag, catch, and throw.

Quick says that there are students in kindergarten all the way up to the high school that will benefit from the new board.